In 1945, Louis A. Montag started Atlanta’s first independent investment advisory firm. Early clients were mostly relatives and friends. The current name was adopted in 1956.

In March 1968, M&C received its initial SEC registration. Due to a reorganization in the 1980s, the file date was revised to and remains May 30, 1980.

A large-cap growth equity strategy has been offered since the Firm’s inception in 1945. We have been managing tax-exempt accounts for institutional clients in a large-cap growth equity style since the mid 1960s, and have managed assets for ERISA clients since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 was passed by the US Congress.

During the 1970s, we refined and improved our investment methodology by implementing earnings momentum disciplines, strengthening our in-house research capabilities, and exploring new information technology resources. Montag & Caldwell’s current investment process, which evolved from this effort, has been applied across all fully-discretionary, Large-Cap Growth Equity accounts since January 1975.

During the 1980s, we developed a team of professionals with strong credentials and a dedication to their work. They provided strong results in both the positive and negative stock market environments. This team approach to the investment process is still in place today and is applied across all fully-discretionary, Large-Cap Growth Equity accounts without client restrictions.

Today, M&C serves a wide range of individual and institutional clients through separate accounts and mutual funds. We have experience working with retirement plans, endowment funds and foundations, state and local governments, hospitals, insurance companies and credit unions, and Taft-Hartley funds.

Our team of investment professionals has been very stable. While M&C has added Portfolio Managers, Analysts, and Traders since 1987 to manage the growth of the firm, minimal turnover in our professional staff has occurred, primarily due to retirement. An effective trading operation, capable administrative professionals, and our information technology systems provide us a competitive edge in our industry. This, combined with the consistent application of our investment process, helps us strive to fulfill our mission—meeting the investment objectives and expectations of our clients.