The Montag & Caldwell US Equity Large Cap Growth Fund (“Dublin Based UCITS”) was launched November 25, 2008. The Dublin Based UCITS is managed in the same manner as Montag & Caldwell’s flagship large cap growth strategy with a relatively concentrated portfolio of between 30-40 names, using a bottom-up approach focused on quality, sustainable earnings and valuation. The Montag & Caldwell large cap growth strategy was previously available to European investors as sub-advisor to the ABN AMRO US Equity Growth fund. David Watson was Portfolio Manager of that fund and is the lead manager of the Dublin Based UCITS.

Montag & Caldwell’s investment philosophy is centered on the belief that good investment results are derived from competent, disciplined, fundamental analysis of individual securities, performed by experienced professionals operating as a team. Our process focuses on earnings sustainability, valuation and financial quality. Montag & Caldwell is based in Atlanta, GA.

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